Reinvent Business is an established Top-Level Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing company with 16 years of experience providing the highest quality Digital Marketing, Search Marketing and Social Media services, specializing in Natural Search Engine Optimization. We have an A+ rating with the BBB.

We are one of the very few SEO companies that consistently creates #1 and Top rankings for our clients in all the major search engines with Organic Website Optimization and NO pay per click costs, helping them significantly increase the number of qualified targeted visitors to their Website, substantially improving the conversion rate to customers, and maximizing the ROI.


Here are 2 examples of our capabilities:

Desks By Design: Designer Desk Retailer
 "We hired Reinvent Business and in 2 weeks we opened with #1 organic positions in Google, Bing and Yahoo! with our most competitive keywords. The Top visibility gave us a significant increase in sales. - Paul DeDomenico, founder of Rice-A-Roni, former owner of Ghirardelli Chocolate Co., former owner of Hawaiian Holiday Macadamia Nut Co."

InfoWorx: Infomercial Production / DRTV
 "I've known James since 2001, and he is one of the top Internet Marketing experts in the country. He knows the Search Marketing and Social Media business completely, and he operates with high levels of experience, knowledge and integrity. I would recommend James for any Organic SEO Digital Marketing campaign. - Ron, President"

Our clients come to us with a broad range of needs and goals. For all of these we provide fast and specific solutions and help them to generate revenue through our pro-active and client satisfaction oriented approach.

Our team develops a personalized and comprehensive strategic marketing campaign specifically tailored to dramatically increase ROI, brand visibility, targeted traffic, new customers and sales. We work with our clients to make sure that we use the most important and competitive keywords which will drive the maximum amount of targeted traffic to their site with the highest conversion rate to sales.

We provide high-quality professional local, nationwide and global Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing campaigns for the following:

Online Retail: Cosmetics, Fashion, Beauty, Clothing, Jewelry, Gifts, and Automobiles

Medical Services: Cash Only Doctors, Plastic Surgeons, Naturopathic, Dermatologists, Dentists

Business Services: Attorneys, Accountants, Insurance, Health, Internet, Real Estate

Financial Services: Investment Banking, Private Equity Financing, Payday Loans, Mortgage

Entertainment: Casinos, Gambling Resorts, Hotels, Spas, Sports Gaming, TV, Film, and Novels

Also: Manufacturing, Distribution, Wholesale, Crowd Funding, Pharmaceutical, and Biotech

We help our clients acquire customers, launch new products, sell existing products and we also create very effective brand visibility campaigns.


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Social Media Marketing

Brand Building Nationwide & Global

Strategy & Planning

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Focus on Site Monetization


Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising has become increasingly prohibitive and very expensive compared to our Organic SEO marketing campaigns and can cost $5 to $10 and up for each click. Many of these PPC clicks are not targeted visitors resulting in a sale, they are clicks coming from competitors as well as from other sources.

Our Natural Optimization program delivers substantially more targeted traffic on hundreds of keywords in all the major search engines. This results in much broader visibility and many more targeted visitors, which converts into bigger sales at a significantly lower cost.

We have clients with #1 rankings for every one of their keywords in Google, Bing and Yahoo! and they receive up to 10,000 - 20,000 targeted visitors every day with NO pay per click costs.

Our Organic SEO work quickly increases the number of targeted visitors, leads, new customers and sales to your Website by 500% - 1,000% and more per month.

We constantly monitor your rankings to make sure you stay on Top. We provide customer service 24 / 7.

Our clients continuously recommend us to their friends and renew their contracts year after year because we deliver a large volume of targeted traffic to their Websites and they always stay #1 - ahead of millions of their competitors.

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