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Our Clients

Our clients range from Fortune 1,000 companies to middle-market public companies worldwide.

We are very successful increasing market awareness, investor awareness, and Top brand visibility for our industry leading clients in a large variety of competitive industries using our Top-Level Investor Marketing, Communication Strategy, Market Awareness & Equity Financing Campaigns.


 Public Multi-Listed Global Lithium Exploration Co.

 Public e-Sports Gaming & Family Entertainment Co.

 Public Multi-Listed Global Life Sciences & Therapeutics for Infectious Diseases Company

 Public Global Engineered Products Company

 Public Gold and Silver Mining, Technology & Real Estate Co. - NYSE Listed

 Public Specialty Finance Co.

 Public Restaurants Co.

 Public Petroleum Company

 Public Cybersecurity & Digital Privacy Solutions Co. for Secure Data Mgmt & Communications

 Public Multi-Listed Vertically Integrated Cannabis Company Focused On Seed To Retail

 Public Multi-Listed Gold & Silver Exploration Company Developing Properties In Mexico

 Public Global Biotechnology & Life Sciences Co. With Offices In China, Japan, Australia, USA

 Public Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology Co.

 Public Artificial Intelligence and Pharmaceutical Co.

 Public Medical Marijuana and CBD Products Co.

 Public High-Performance Athletic Apparel & Accessories Co.

 Public Cannabis Biotech Sciences Technology Co.

 Public Renewable Energy Regenerative Technologies Co.

 Public Blockchain Technology Co.

 Public Advanced Lithium-Ion Batteries Co.

 Public Graphite Mining Co.

 Public Medical Device Technology Co.

 Public Energy Metals Exploration Co.

 Public Sports Betting & Fantasy Sports Gaming Co.

 Public Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency Co.

 Public Cannabis Producer and Retailer Co.

 Public Big Data & Artificial Intelligence Co.

 Public Electronic Table Games, Poker & Casino iGaming Co.

 Public Cryptocurrency and FINTECH Technology Co.

 Public Hemp & CBD Food & Health Care Products Co.

 Public NASDAQ Real Estate Investment Co.

 Public Sports Media Co.

 Public Healthcare Technology Co.

 Public Merchant Banking and Finance Co.

 Public Int'l Financial Services Technology FINTECH Co.

 Public Quantum Dots & Nanotechnology Co.

 Public Pharmaceutical Co.

 Public Oil & Gas / Mineral Exploration Co.

 Public Audio & Media Technology Co.

 Public Fantasy Sports Betting Co. in Toronto

 Public Worldwide Shipping & Receiving Co.

 Public Chinese Education Co. in Beijing, China

 Public Consumer Loans Co.

 Public Energy & Natural Resources Co. in Vietnam

 Public Online Sports Gaming Co. in Costa Rica

 Public Digital Online Games, Social Gaming Co. London

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