About the Company

Why Reinvent Business?

Value. Trust. Performance. Superior Results.

Reinvent Business has 21 years of experience creating highly successful Digital Marketing, Market Awareness and Investor Awareness campaigns for global public companies including online retailers (cosmetics, fashion, jewelry, clothing, automotive, pharmaceutical), entertainment (sports marketing, casino, betting, gambling, gaming, film, television, publishing), financial services companies (investment banks, finance companies, commercial banks, real estate, mortgage), and professional services companies (legal, accounting, management, consulting, healthcare, travel, airlines, hotel, resorts, spa, dental, dentists, medical, doctors, cosmetic surgeons, plastic surgery, Web designers, PR firms, branding companies) worldwide.

We provide cost-effective Digital Marketing, Market Awareness & Investor Awareness services, significantly increasing qualified targeted traffic that converts into sales.

Many of our clients receive up to 25,000 targeted visitors per day and experience a 500% - 1,000% sales increase the first month after their marketing campaign is launched. Most clients start generating revenue and profits immediately, the results of their commanding and expansive Internet visibility and Web presence.

Reinvent Business was founded in 1997 in response to a growing need for expert and professional Digital Marketing, Brand Promotion & Investor Awareness services. Our Digital Marketing & Brand Promotion campaigns are much less expensive and more highly specialized than big agency companies with high overhead. We are able to achieve these objectives by keeping our costs and expenses "rock bottom" low while delivering personalized attention to each client.

The result is a superior Digital Marketing, Brand Promotion & Investor Awareness Marketing campaign and an excellent value.


Our business model is to build strong client relationships, increase customer loyalty, and have successful long-term clients consistently making money. We accomplish this by taking the time to really understand our clients goals and Brand Promotion requirements and by delivering outstanding performance and results (hundreds of #1 and Top rankings) with our expert Brand Promotion and Investor Awareness services.

Who are your clients? How well are they currently ranking?

Our clients are public companies worldwide from many diverse industries and range from business entrepreneurs to influential and global corporate online retailers, professional services, and entertainment companies. Our new clients open up with #1 and Top rankings in major and popular search engines and directories within 1 - 2 weeks after our expert work is completed and continue to maintain #1 and Top rankings year after year.

Can you provide references?

Yes, we provide client and professional references to establish our credibility. We showcase recent and impressive client endorsement letters.

How many search engines are my pages submitted to?

We will hand submit your Web site to more than 100 major and popular global search engines and directories. Within 60 - 90 days you will be spidered into the affiliated global search engines. These include the 25 most popular search engines and social media that will bring in 99% of your traffic, sales and revenue.

What are your rates?

Our programs are reasonable and scalable. We will review your site and answer questions to determine the best Digital Marketing, Brand Promotion, Social Media & Investor Awareness campaign for your company.


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