Nationwide Mortgage Lender

Situation: Reinvent Business was engaged five years ago by an established public mortgage lender to develop a nationwide brand presence along with powerful digital marketing, social media and investor awareness marketing campaign for numerous Web sites, which were differentiated by geographical region.

Challenges: We researched the most competitive keywords and phrases in the mortgage banking and real estate lending industries which drives the maximum amount of targeted visitors.  We then determined which nationwide search engines and directories were frequented by visitors searching for specific kinds of real estate loans and mortgage loan services.

Solution: We created an expansive nationwide and localized search engine marketing campaign using natural search engine optimization and paid inclusion management centered around different mortgage banking products and services. In addition to their main sites we created numerous secondary sites to drive more targeted visitors on a state by state and regional basis.

Results: We successfully created more than 550 - #1 and top rankings within the first eight months of our program in at least 30 search engines and directories including Google, Yahoo!, MSN (Bing) and Facebook, resulting in a daily average of up to 7,000 - 11,000 targeted visitors and an annual sales increase of 800% - 1,000% for last year.  Our client's rankings consistently beat the established mortgage lenders positioning in the major search engines and directories for very competitive real estate financing keywords resulting in numerous daily online inquiries and a high conversion rate of visitors to funded loans.


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