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Dear James,

I cannot thank you enough for all you have achieved for my Web site. As I researched digital marketing strategies to launch my online company, I found that digital marketing and brand building was critical to my success. I located an endless list of companies eager to get my business.

Aggressively, I interviewed and investigated these companies only to find that their clients had no brand visibility. One company requested a monthly fee, a one-year contract, no guarantee, and indicated that it would require six months before my company would achieve any results.

When I met you at Reinvent Business, I was thrilled to locate an established Digital Marketing company with top brand visibility in popular search engines and whose client list also had top brand visibility in their respective categories. After our initial conversations and discussions with multiple clients, I knew you were the best qualified to launch my company on the Internet. It took six to eight weeks to polish and test the Web site before its formal digital marketing. During that time you have always been available day or night, seven days a week. This quality of service I never expected, but I am so grateful for.

My site was launched on the night of April 20. Within 1 week, I had top brand visibility nationwide. We have top brand visibility in eight major search engines including Yahoo!, Google, and Bing. We just opened in multiple top 10 positions in Google this morning. Our site had 10,700 visitors yesterday, which is unheard of for a new site.

The potential for this site is unlimited as orders for our cancer supplements are pouring in! I can only thank you for this success. I would recommend your services without a doubt to anyone that wanted expansive brand visibility and a high traffic volume.

I look forward to launching more Web sites with you in the future.


Dr. Jackson
Internal Medicine


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