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Dear James:

As a professional in the advertising and marketing business, I know that the most powerful form of advertising is "word of mouth." That's why I wanted to take a few minutes to write you. Now your future clients can hear the words straight from a satisfied client.

James, we have tried for years to rank high in major search engines for the word "infomercials." We have been successful for many of the other key words in our industry. But, as I explained to you the first time we spoke, we could not get high rankings for the most important word.

You assured me that you could work "magic" for our rankings and offered a list of references and letters like this one for me to see. I felt from the beginning that you knew how to do this, and that we would be successful. Your other clients assured me that you were honorable, and that meant a lot.

I would like to say that not only have you produced excellent results (numerous #1 rankings in major and popular search engines), but that you seem to have a great passion for your work and your clientele. We have the same philosophy here, and I have enjoyed working with you from a personal standpoint as well.

Thank you for producing such great results.


Boca Raton, Florida


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