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Dear James,

I wanted to let you know that the digital marketing work you performed for our 4 Web sites more than 5 years ago is still holding strong and "locked in" all top 5 positions. We took your advice and never made changes to the sites unless we consulted with you first. As a result, we are able to maintain top positions in all the major search engines and directories, and have even tested your methods by stopping ALL pay-per-click advertising with absolutely no reduction in sales.

We had gotten addicted to pay-per-click and had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars which we found out to be a total waste of money because of fraudulent clicks and visitors which were not really targeted clicking on our ads.

I want to thank you and your team for the unprecedented customer service and would recommend that anyone considering marketing and advertising strategy to have total faith in your excellent service. It was worth the investment 1,000 fold! I would say to anyone using pay-per-click to stop throwing your money away and optimize your site using Reinvent Business.

Your proprietary search engine positioning system is like a home owner who wants to save money on heating costs by increasing insulation which is a one-time cost and will pay for itself right away. Comparing that to pay-per-click where the same home owner who just puts in a bigger heater and keeps spending money month after month to fill the oil tank. A cost and expense that will never end. Additionally, you offer a written guarantee and stand behind your work 100%. There are no guarantees with pay-per-click. When the cash deposit is gone the listing is turned off.

Your strategic Internet marketing program is by far the best we have ever seen - and it really works!

I would highly recommend Reinvent Business to anyone trying to increase targeted traffic, sales and brand visibility.


Pharmacy Direct
North Carolina


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