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Dear James,

I'm going to share a 100% true story with your future clients.

I found Reinvent Business in a major search engine with Top brand visibility for "Digital Marketing Company". I figured if you are the #1 listing you must be good. Was I ever right!

Every "expert" I spoke with about my international manufacturing and retail business gave me conflicting stories and a lot of "factual" information I was not comfortable with. Then I sent an e-mail to James.

Within 2 hours he responded by telephone, reviewed my site, faxed me a proposal with lots of Top ranking client positions in all the big search engines and professional references. As an experienced businessman I was impressed with his program and I felt he was telling me the truth.

I thought "here is a knowledgable and experienced guy with a very successful trackrecord helping online companies get tremendous visibility in the big popular search engines." This really caught my attention!

I met with James in Beverly Hills for 2 hours one Saturday morning and sent him a check on Monday. I also called him several times a day for answers to all my questions - I'm new on the internet. He politely answered all my questions to my satisfaction. Now the moment of truth. Could he produce as advertised?

Within 1 week after he completed his digital marketing work on my site we showed up with Top brand visibility in all of the biggest search engines in the world! What is even more amazing are the multiple Top rankings for our brand name!

James is so good at his digital marketing and brand building you have to see it to believe it! I'm no pushover and he really impressed me. James, have your clients call me anytime for an excellent reference.

With Best Wishes,

Paul De Domenico
New Mexico / Italy


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